Crafter Information

Below are the term and conditions that we offer for crafters selling on Danann Crafts. Registering as a crafter means you agree to these conditions.

  • To join, crafters will be charged a monthly fee of £5 or annual fee of £50 which is nonrefundable.
  • Unlimited number of products can be inserted on your shop.
  • It is up to the crafter to ensure their products are up to date. As such we will be freezing crafters stores if they have not logged in for 3 months. You will receive notification before this occurs.
  • We take 10% commission from the sale price of your product, once item is sold.
  • We cover all PayPal fees, and other money transfer fees, so you don’t need to worry about them
  • If you have provided a PayPal email, we aim to provide payouts at least once a week for items that have been sold. If no PayPal address is provided we will be in contact to gain payment information, if an item of yours is sold. We would look to have this paid out within 28 days of sale.
  • We aim to provide every crafter with equal opportunity for promotion on our front page and Facebook page, through images, blogs and various promotions.


We work closely with all crafters on our marketplace as our main aim is to promote and sell all products that have been handmade in Ireland. We want our marketplace to be the main platform that all true crafters from across the island of Ireland can use and sell from.

We ask that you provide a tracking number for any shipment you make. This will be a requirement in the future, so best get in the habit now.

For further information you can contact us at

We can arrange to chat via phone, or Skype, if it is easier, to give you more information or help. Just let us know what suits best.

Come join us and the enjoy the craic with the rest of our talented crafters.