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Cliff Organic Perfume Oil – by Airmid

An invigorating walk along the cliffs with notes of ylang ylang to capture the cool ocean breeze Organic Perfume oil you

Forest Organic Perfume Oil – by Airmid

Recalling the primeval forests of ancient Ireland with evergreen notes of pine Organic Perfume oil you apply to pulse points and

French Clay Face Mask Tub – The Salty Herb

Detoxifying, cleansing, & restoring. || The future is green... & now so is your face! Our brand new French Green Clay Face Mask is here. Green Clay is well known for its natural benefits - It is known to remove impurities & dead skin cells, tone & firm the skin, stimulate circulation & help heal blemishes. Pardon My French Clay Mask is 100% French Green Clay & is unscented with no additives. Clay has been used for over 5,000 years worldwide on skin as nature's finest ingredient that draws out toxins and impurities. It is known to absorb excess oil and reduce the appearance of pores. So embrace your inner Cleopatra, go green with the Pardon My French Face Mask, & get ready to get a bit dirty! Please see Coconut bowl page for more information on the bowls.

Meadow Organic Perfume Oil – by Airmid

Imagine being greeted by a hundred thousand wild flowers in a spacious meadow Organic Perfume oil you apply to pulse points