Terms and conditions


Please read the following as by using the Danann Crafts website you have agreed to the following terms and conditions;

1. Overview

Danann Crafts acts as an online retailer for amateur and professional crafters within Ireland and other Celtic countries. Those using the site to sell or buy goods must comply with Danann Crafts policies.

Danann Craft sellers must comply with the fixed-price format

Danann Craft sellers should list items with truth and accuracy of listings.

Danann Crafts have no control over the quality or legality of any items listed or sold on the site. For queries on listing contact info@dananncrafts.com

All users use Danann Crafts at their own risks.

2. Membership

Danann Crafts reserve the right to refuse access or use of our site at any time, we can also change the eligibility at anytime.

We ask all sellers to be a minium age of 18yrs old.

All users must comply with local laws regarding online conduct and acceptable conduct.

Danann Crafts may add additional terms and conditions. If you’re an existing customer notification will be sent to you at least 14days before change comes in.

Users are responsible for keeping password safe and not giving their username details for others to access your account, if you feel your security has been breached please alert us to the fact immediately, use our contact us details.

Users must update and validate all information on their account, this includes personal information, email address and payment information.

You cannot sell, lease or give your account to another party. By agreeing to use our site, you’ve agreed to a binding agreement.

Danann Crafts have the right to confirm or cancel unconfirmed or inactive accounts. Danann Crafts reserves the rights to refuse service to anyone for any reason at anytime.

3. Fees and Billing

To set up account with Danann Crafts is free

For sellers its free to open a market place account and list on their shop.

Danann Crafts charge a percentage of the sale item, this excludes the prices of p&p

Danann Crafts give every seller the opportunity to accept the terms and conditions before agreeing to use us.

Changes to fees policey or services will always be notified to you at least 30days before it comes into effect. This will be posted on seller’s forum and email directly to you.

Danann Crafts may change fees for services for promotional events, these shall be on temporary bases .We will notify people of changes before the event comes into effect.

To terminate a listing or account is free, before cancelling account please make sure all outstanding order have been fulfilled.

Danann Crafts shall be pursuing any seller who have outstanding orders through collection agencies or legal process.

4. Listing and Selling

By Listing on item you’ve agreed to comply with Danann Crafts terms and conditions.

All Danann Crafts sellers must describe their item accurately. Your listing must consist of text, graphics, pictures and any other contact relevant to sell the item. Please state quantity clearly, if selling batch items they must be identical. List all bespoke/ unique items individually.

All orders are subject to acceptance which shall be emailed to you. Orders may be cancelled if payment has not be completed or seller information cannot be identified.

Prices must remain the same at all times. Post packaging fees must be changed at reasonable rates. Excessive charges should be avoided.

Danann Crafts will cancel accounts or deactivated listings from sellers who try to change price aftersale or misrepresenting items, fraudulent transactions or misuse of markets accounts.

5. Ordering and Buying

By ordering from our site you’ve agreed to comply with Danann Crafts’ Terms & Conditions.

Your order is subject to acceptance and is only confirmed when the product is shipped. You will be notified of shipment via email.

We try to ensure all items on our site are well represented and of sufficient quality. Please remember we do not have access to all items on our site and therefore some items may not always meet our high standards. As such we would like to know about this and we can be contacted on info@dananncrafts.com

You are covered under the UK’s Distance Selling Regulations for ordering within GB & NI. If based outside the UK, we do offer returns policy. Please see Returns Policy below.

6. Returns Policy

In the UK we abide by the Distance Selling Regulations.

For all returns, we must be notified of your intentions within 14 days of receiving your goods. Any return postage must be covered by the buyer.

To notify us of your intention to return the items please emails us at info@dananncrafts.com or fill in the returns form at http://www.dananncrafts.com/sales/guest/form/

Our return address is:

Danann Crafts

52 William St


Northern Ireland

BT66 6JB

7. Prohibited, Questionable and Infringing Items and Activities

You’re responsible for your own conduct on the Danann Craft website. All information (text, graphic, images, links etc) must comply with our rules.

8. Content

Danann Crafts grant all sellers a license to use our website, we do not claim your product, information or content that you submit. All information you provide we may use to promote your items or display through publicity or marketing campaigns. Any information you receive for instance other user information you receive for instance other user information, buyers information etc. Can only be used to complete transaction or communicate through Danann Crafts. You cannot use this information for unsolicited or commercial messages.

We can publicise our website and products available on other sites. Any links you repost shall be at your own risk and Danann Crafts will not be responsible to any dispute concerning this product.

Any concerns regarding content please email info@dananncrafts.com

9. Information Control

Danann Craft asks all users to be aware of the information and content they provide. We ask nothing that could be construed as an offensive, harmful, inaccurate or deceptive to be published.

Danann Crafts cannot be held responsible for any acts or omissions whilst dealing with the international trade and foreign nationals. Please be careful and use common sense and caution when buying or selling on our website.

10. Disputes and resolutions

Resolution of disputes and releases in event of a dispute arises please contact info@dananncrafts.com

Danann Crafts encourages users to report any dispute to us and to the local authority that should be able mediates or arbitrate as applicable.

11. Privacy

Danann Crafts will not sell or disclose any personal information from any user on our site or to third parties without the persons consent. Please refer to privacy policy for further information or contact us to info@dananncrafts.com

12. Liability Limit

In no event Danann Crafts shall be liable for any damages whether direct or indirect, general, special, compensatory, consequential, and or incidental, arising out of relating to the conduct of you or anyone else in connection with the use of the site or this agreement including without limitation, lost profits, bodily injury, emotional distress or any special, incidental or consequential damages.

13. No Guarantee

Danann Crafts cannot guarantee uninterrupted service to our site at all times, this can happen on occasion due to outside factors or development of site.

14. No Agency

Danann Crafts do not work with any outside agencies, partnerships, employee-employer or franchiser relationship. We are Independent contractors only.

If you have further queries please contact us in the CONTACT US section below…