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Daily Planner – Joyella Design

This daily planner helps you plan out your day, but also makes sure you are taking care of yourself! Each

Moon Notepad- Joyella Design

Channel those inner Moon child vibes with this cute and functional 50 page notepad. Ideal for adding some fun to

Purple Stars Notepad- Joyella Design

Want something a little more fun to write that boring everyday to do list on? Then this cute and functional

Stars Memo Pad- Joyella Design

Want a memo pad that’s a little more fun for taking down all those boring notes/daily tasks? This cute Stars

The Grad Pad- Joyella Design

This daily gratitude pad is designed for you to stop and take a moment to reflect on your day and

Weekly Spending Tracker – Joyella Design

Keep track on your weekly spending with this super convent notepad. Each page has easy to use sections to help

Dialann Bhliantúil Ghaeilge – Glas Irish Diary – Connect The Dots Design

Beautiful handmade Card created by Connect The Dot Designs. 🎨 “Hi, I'm Úna Méabh. While looking for an Irish language wedding card a few months later all I could find were traditional olde celtic style cards that my granny would have loved. She was a lovely woman but I wanted something fun and colourful. I ended up designing a card myself; a theme that has followed me through this business journey. Can’t find it? make it yourself. Since those very early days the business has grown from a single card to a full range of greeting cards, multiple art print collections and some gorgeous stationery items. This is my actual real-life big girl job and I do sometimes have to stop and smile at where I am and what I have acheived. I'm proud of it and I'm excited for what's yet to come.”