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MAY Art Club [Thursday 4.30-5.30pm]

ART CLUB every Thursday in May from 2nd to 30th! 🎨Join us for 5 WEEKS of creative fun! Each week we will create unique Canvas Paintings as we learn new skills, techniques, amazing artists and styles of painting & MORE! 🖌On the final day of 30th May at end of workshop, parents can come in and enjoy seeing their mini artists mastpiece workshopEach week the kids aged from 7-14years will enjoy researching and collerating their final masterpiece on large canvas.🧑‍🎨🖼We wish to be teaching research, study guides and led up to their final piece. Allowing them to understand and enjoy an artists work flow and method. The can choose any topic they want and use loads of different media's to create their masterpiece.Children can take home their research each week and return them the week prior to Exhibition or they can be left in shop for safe keeping and taken home after Exhibition! 🎁👨‍🎨 £7.50 per day 🎨 £35 for 5 WEEKS 👩‍🎨 
Limited spaces available - BOOKING ESSENTIAL
Ideal for ages 7-14yrs