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A Lurgan Photo in my Heart Book by Philomena Burns Breen

Collection of poetry & history celebrating Lurgan in Co Armagh by fellow town Daughter Philomena Burns Breen. All poetry and images are created by Philomena herself.

A map of the Slang names of Lurgan

A fun map with local townland nicknames of Lurgan. Available in A3 & A 1 Printed and gathered by Craigavon

Memories of Lurgan and Other Things Book by Gerry Casey


Memories of Lurgan and Other Things (Paperback)

An eclectic mix of proverbs and sayings from home and abroad with a special emphasis on the dialect and humour of Lurgan Town. Some poetry is included(some written by the author) plus jokes, anecdotes, articles and worldwide sayings, not forgetting catchy catchphrases!

Montiaghisms – Ulster Dialect words & Phrases Book

Montaighs also known as “God’s country locally” has always been a world away from the local town and now we